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You can verify your Service

Give your profile more clout by having your service to our country or community verified. In this age of stolen valor, it is important to separate the heroes from the phonies.

The process is quick and simple. Submit an image here of the front of your ID Card that shows your service affiliation or rank. This image will only be viewable to you and administrators, other members will not be able to see the image that you submit to be verified. In the Service Title block enter the text of how you would like to be verified. You can be verified as a Sergeant or simply as a Police Officer, as a Marine Corps PFC or simply as a Marine; the choice is yours.

An administrator will review your submission for authenticity and once satisfied your profile will be updated with a Service Verified Seal.


Rules for Service Affiliation Submission

1. Upload an image of the front of your ID Card that shows the service or rank of how you want to be verified.

2. The image that you upload here will not be viewable to other members, only administrators and you will be able to see your verification uploads.

3. The image must not be manipulated (i.e. no Photoshop).