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i like a quiet night at home, i can make anyone laugh and im a social drinker. i'll watch football all day on sunday, but sunday night i'll watch project runway. on the drive to work i'll listen to T. I. or 2pac, on the drive home i'm listening to Linkin Park or 80's music.. i stand up for what i believe in, and have put my life on the line for those beliefs. i'm a loyal friend, i'm the one you call when your car breaks down on highway at 3AM. but my friendship has a price, 2 strikes and your out. i've been to the brink of life, and i live every day to the fullest that i can, but still with an eye on the future. i know who i am, and have no problem being me, i know im
not perfect, but i try my best.I hate negative and smelly people, am allergic to lies. am bit of an idealist, i truly think i can make a difference in the world, Am a loyal friend, one you can call on by 3 AM on the highway and ill come running to you. I don't pretend to be what am not. What you see is what you get.

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  •  jovita24: 

    Hi, my name is Miss
    jovita gomez, i saw your profile
    which looks nice to me and i am interested to have good friendship with you. I will tell you more about me and send my pictures to you as soon as you reply to my email. jovita gomez 141 @ h o t m a i l. c o m
    I will be waiting for your mail soon.
    Yours Sincerely jovita

     2342 days ago 
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  •  bbbb8146: 


     2941 days ago 
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