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I loving living life, exploring new adventures and being with family and friends. I'm a people-person, out-going, fun and friendly.

I love music, dancing, live theatre and am a California native. Things that make me happy: animals, chubby babies, chocolate and beaches/lakes. Things I'm not into: hunting, fishing, sports and Nascar. No, I do not want to date a girl. I'm just feminine and prefer not to kill, maim or destroy as a hobby.

I like Shakespeare, Monty Python, Men in Black and ROMANCE. I prefer full-frontal honesty.

I never imagined myself dating; I was married for 16 years. I'm a mom of three beautiful daughters. I work for a non-profit organization dedicated to treating child abuse. I do marketing and outreach for foster care and adoption services.

I have seen some horrible things done to our children. My mission in life is to help people. If I can do that, I am happy.

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  •  Truck6alpha: 

    Hi, Jeni!

    Please forgive any typos. I'm using my iPad which has the most unresponsive keyboard ever. I was intrigued by your photo, but also your profile. I've always had a soft spot for kids and I too have three daughters, aged 12, 9, and 7. My middle daughter, Caroline has Down syndrome, and has caused me to get involved with advocating for her benefit. My oldest, Emma, is like a little mom sometimes; my youngest, Honora, has my dry sense of humor.

    so I'm assuming you are in California, but tell me about yourself! You can also e-mail me direct at if you want. Looking forward to hearing from you!


     2951 days ago 
    1 point