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In an era of global communications, world travel and ever-growing social platforms, long distance relationships will continue to become more and more common (and successful). At we’re experts in long distance relationships, so consider t
HEROmatchmaker · 2339 days ago

Planning our first date wasn't easy.  Even though her profile told me about her and what she liked; I wanted her to like me, not just what we did.  Her hobbies included rock climbing; so it was perfect that I was able to find an indoor rock climbing gym ne
ParadigmGuy · 2373 days ago

For the first Blog, I’m going to talk about my first interaction with Alison in early 2000. I first made contact with her in January 2000.  She was a student at the time and after several messages back and forth we exchanged phone numbers.  I remember bei
ParadigmGuy · 2519 days ago
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