About Us

My name is Kurt, and I am married to my dream girl, Alison. We met on an early dating site in 2000 and were married in 2003. We were both working toward bigger things, and both in the military at the time. In early 2011, Alison gave birth to our daughter, Freedom.

What's in a name? Literally and figuratively, Freedom is why I wake up every morning, put on my uniform, and go to work. Freedom is why I sometimes stay at work late, or deploy to a foreign country. My country's Freedom is why I risk my life and why I put my life in the hands of others. Most of all, Freedom is something that is important to both Alison and me.

For years Alison and I have told people that we met on-line. For years people have been telling us that it didn't work for them. So Alison and I decided to make something that will work, that will bring people together who deserve to have someone special in their life. We wanted to create a site that gives people the freedom to meet the type of people that they wanted to meet. Who doesn't want to date a hero, or someone who understands one? Being as we both have a military background, the original idea was to bring together military folks with similar interests, while allowing some compliance with regulations separating enlisted and officer. As our idea evolved, we felt strongly that our other heroes should be included as well.

HEROmatchmaker.com is a web based service dedicated to those in service to our country and communities. It is open to military, firefighters, police officers, sheriffs, and emergency medical technicians to name just a few. HEROmatchmaker.com is designed to match those who serve with those who serve, and anyone else who wants to be matched with a Hero.

Please feel free to contact either of us directly with any questions.