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I never expected to be on a dating site at this point in my life. I'm looking at it as another adventure and learning experience. I'm the complete package - a mother (two grown kids) who is kind, intelligent, funny, fit, stable (mentally, emotionally, financially), a business owner, passionate, impulsive, loyal, selfless, generous, fearless, honest, independent, and spirited. I also have a slightly foul mouth, sometimes snort when I laugh, can't spell, have a terrible sense of direction, and a touch of OCD (neat freak and super organized). I like to cook/bake, work out, travel, gamble, garden, go to sporting events and concerts (country), hike, ride horses, spa days, and live life to it's fullest.  I will spoil my man in every way and work hard to make him and our relationship a priority. 

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