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First off I am a Mom to the best little boy in the world, I work full time, own my own home, car & i love life. I am goofy and i smile and laugh a lot. In the past year of figuring out my new life I have picked up a few habits. Knitting, crocheting, running, I'm working on sewing & drinking wine :) One thing about myself if i love to sing. I sing about everything. & would probably not complain if my life were a musical, that way it not so many people would stare.... I enjoy camping and campfires. Love horseback riding and working with animals. I also love new things. Things i have never tried or things that scare me or that gross me out. Food is one of my favorites and so i need a person who is going to want to pig out with me and go for runs afterwards. I however do find it very hard to profile myself in one paragraph because i am so much more then this.

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